Thursday, May 28, 2015

An Unknown Quantity?

We (as investors) don't really know much about Nshama, do we? But we do know that most of its officers hail from Emaar, perhaps the most respected and successful developer in the UAE, with probably the largest portfolio of completed projects. That bodes well.

But Nshama is not Emaar. It is a new company with no track record of its own. Town Square is its first project--and a very ambitious one at that, with a planned 3,000 villas and 18,000 apartments.

As one investor (in a single apartment unit) I suggest other investors join with me in following and monitoring progress on this project--lest completion date roll around and we find delays, construction standards lower than that promised, incomplete or non-existent infrastructure and landscaping, lack of transparency or shifting terms on payment matters, absence or changes in promised amenities, outrageous management fees, etc.

I propose not waiting until these problems become reality, but keeping a close eye on the development and in communication with the developer out of the start gate.

We can also share photos, project updates, communications and other information and speak with the developer as a group rather than as lone investors. Please email me if you are an investor or otherwise interested in keeping tabs on this project.


  1. So what happened to your initial crusade?

  2. You're absolutely right. What happened in part is that the site was pretty much boarded up so I was unable to take photos from road side. Since then, progress has been fast with lots of the townhouses having been built up or started and the first two apartment buildings having reached near the top of their podiums.

    Build seems on schedule, show townhouses are available for visiting on site, show apartment and townhouse interiors are available to visit at the Downtown sales center. But still you're right... my crusade has waned.

  3. It happens :) Apologies if it was brusque.. It was late and I was annoyed, having driven out and being disappointed at progress on the Hayat side (I think it's a the area that's another click down the road from the show homes)

  4. Bruce daupin
    I being an investor in one of d townhouse would definetly would like to be part of your group so as to look in to yhe progress of hayat closely