Friday, June 19, 2015

Construction Progress - Mid June 2015

It has been about three months since project launch and progress is clear on what appears to be the area for the Zahra, Hayat and Safi apartments and townhouses. This forms just one part of the large Town Square project.

The Town Square development is bordered by Al Qudra Road (left side of image above) ending at the cycle track roundabout, where three towers of an earlier residential project can be seen in the background. Emirates Road (formerly referred to as the Bypass Road) forms another border of the development (bottom of image above--highway not pictured).

Close up, the land preparation works can be seen progressing in earnest.

The prepared surface area is quite expansive, as seen in the image above, and a long row of palm trees has been planted along the Al Qudra Road perimeter.

These photos were taken on the morning of 16 June, clearly showing work well underway. Two months earlier the landscape was similarly covered with ground work vehicles just beginning to plow the sand dunes.

In the background is the Remreem development on the opposite side of Emirates Road. Now, has only the landscape been flattened or have some utilities been installed below the surface? As a layperson I can only guess. I presume the utilities works will start later.


  1. Good job! I bought an apartment in Safi II. I hope they finish the buildings as per their dates.


  2. I'll try to visit the site at monthly intervals and post updates.

  3. Almost 3 months - No update.... please update

  4. Hi Guys, I bought an apt at SAFI too...will try to give updates as I go often cycling to al qudra

  5. Some Cranes on the top corner...good progress as I see it...

  6. I am passing by Alqudra road on daily bases, I can see increasing numbers of vehicles engaging the desert down there, the landscaping works of the main Alqudra road is ongoing by the governmental sector..

  7. Hmm.. Payments due in July 2016. However, these are linked to construction. When I called, they said they are waiting for results of Rera inspection. However, it's now July and no email. I hope they haven't fallen behind - very disappointing, given that in March they were saying everything was on track and they were thinking of accelerating (in The National). Poor updates on nshama site (and here!)

  8. This link will take you to a search box to monitor any project's current status, project-status-tracking. If you enter "zahra" in the search box you'll get the latest stats as determined by the Land Department. There are a couple of links to click on at the right of the project details info. They indicate that the last inspection date for Zahra townhouses and apartments was 5 Jun 2016 with 33.4% completion. So, I believe this assessment can be used to challenge any numbers provided by Nshama. Good luck.

  9. Thanks BD. I have bought a Hayat (payment linked to 40% construction, 1st July). However - enter Hayat and the % completion is only 3%.

    1. I wasnt able to get any info on hayat in d land dept site

  10. Unfortunately, the Land Department remodelled their site. The result is that it basically doesn't work. Maybe it'll get fixed, but the last time I checked the link above, it correctly opens a search field but when you type the name of what you're looking for, it simply does nothing.

  11. Alhmdolilah
    I tried it agn it worked
    Accrd to the land dept
    Zahra 33.7%
    Safi 3%
    Hayat 3%
    Town square park 0%
    I also enquired with the account of the july payment.he said as of now till the land department comes and inspects the project ...the clients are not to do the payment as it is constuction basis from now on.
    I also aakwd him how early the mail would be sent to us prior the payment. He said one month prior notice would be sent to all clients for the payment

  12. Is this blog active

  13. Hi guys I am following up with NSHAMA as the 40% payment milestone should be november 2016. they keep saying that RERA Land department has not yet conducted the audit/inspection. Seems to be a standard response. I will try to go to their sales office which is close to my office and will let you know what they say.

  14. As on 16/11/16 RERA Inspection

    Zahra : 46.55%
    Hayat : 34.63%

  15. Here is the list of all Nshama Developer projects in dubai

  16. on 07-May-17 Zahra completion : 63%
    on 12-Jul-17 Hayat Completion : 69%

    By KK

  17. on 28-Nov-17 Zahara 80.4%
    Hayat 80.3%